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Former EAC Student Wins Goldenberg Prize
Former EAC student, Austin Damiani, just won The Goldenberg Prize for his outstanding essay in Jewish Studies. Please read his award-winning paper entitled, Cooperation and Conflict: The Body in Judaism.  Congratulations Austin!
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Experiential Commonplace
Furry Friend: A furry friend.<br>

Meet Paul Cox: a homeless furry booknerd and newest EAC blogger.   He's also a Friends World Student who just completed his Spring 2004 term in Bangalore and who's on his way to the newly opened China center in September.  In the meantime he's pulling weeds in Kansas and blogging like a madman on his new site entitled, Experiential Commonplace.  Check it out.
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Interactive Webpublishing Crew
bloggers2t: EAC bloggers<br>

Pictured above are members of the Interactive Webpublishing course offered this spring at the East Asia Center.  Standing from left to right: Steven Mendoza, Jonathan Goldstein, Dana McKnight, Keisha Johnson, and Lisa Lim; kneeling: Aaron Campbell.
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A Visit from the Dean
Kushihachi Party th:

Last week we were fortunate to have received a visit from the Dean of Friends World Program, Robert Glass.   In addition to productive meetings and discussions, we also ate dinner together at a local Japanese restaurant, Kushi Hachi, where we dined on kushikatsu (deep fried skewered food), yakitori (grilled chicken), and generous portions of fresh salad.   We certainly look forward to his next visit.
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Guidelines for Posting on the EAC
In response to the needs of our learning community to define a set of guidelines for student publishing at the East Asia Center, we've composed a draft outlining Terms of Content and Terms of Conduct.  Please have a look and comment below.
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Gavin's World
Photo by Steven Mendoza

Coming to us from Vermont is Gavin Watson, our newest blogger here at the EAC.  Gavin's new website features his writings, drawings, collages, photography, original music compositions, multimedia projects, and hyperlinks of intrigue.  This is a site you don't want to miss.  Pay a visit and say hello.
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EAC Alumni News

Congratulations go out to former EAC students, Dan Stuart and Austin Damiani. 


Dan recently gained acceptance to the graduate programs in Buddhist Studies at Harvard, Cornell, the University of Chicago, and the University of California at Berkeley.   He has chosen to attend Berkeley.


Austin just published an article in the latest issue of Abroad View Magazine, entitled Hiroshima, which is an adapted version of an essay he wrote while a student at our center.  Please read his article


Also of note is the website of former EAC student, Jonas Borg, who is now living in London and working as a  photographer.

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Blast from the Past


Pictured above are the original EAC bloggers, from left to right (standing) Andy Clark, John Grillo, Austin Damiani, (sitting) Abi Iverson, Jaymie Wisneski, Aaron Campbell.  Not pictured...Rachel Winckler.  What a group!  More pictures coming soon.

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Fall 2003 Portfolios Online
We are pleased to introduce the online versions of the following student portfolios from the Fall 2003 semester:

Keisha Johnson
.......................Porfolio of Learning

Eliza Wagner
...........................Gateway to Latin America: A Portfolio of Learning

Please read their work and visit their websites to leave comments.
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"Japan: Behind the Mask": Japanese Minorities

The highlight of our Japanese studies this semester is a course being taught by Dr. Preston Houser, entitled "Japan: Behind the Mask": Japanese Minorities.  In his syllabus, Dr. Houser writes:

The purpose of the course is to give the student an overview of the various minority groups currently living, working and negotiating with Japanese society. It is somewhat inevitable in a course such as this that mainstream Japanese society is viewed in an extremely negative light which can be unfair if presented carelessly. I, therefore, try to provide some historical, archeological, and anthropological evidence to support a conclusion that Japan has always been a multicultural nation; it is only when trying to negotiate a claim of Japanese national uniqueness or superiority that the discussion can reach negative or "bashing" terms. I try to use parts one and two of the course to present a balanced perspective on Japanese society. By the time the course reaches its conclusion, Postmodern Japan, it (I hope) has become apparent that the problems that Japan faces with its minority populations, as well as its mainstream, are similar if not identical to the problems which all first-world nations face. The short-term goal would be an enhanced understanding of contemporary Japanese society; the long-term goal would be, ideally, that students would eventually apply the skills for understanding and analyzing Japanese society learned in this course to American society.    Read more...  (Houser 2004)

We are pleased to be offering such a fascinating course on Japanese society and culture.  Please check back soon for student writings on this subject.    

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New Bloggers at the EAC

The East Asia Center is pleased to announce the debut of five new bloggers, all of whom will be using their weblogs to support their learning needs this semester.  Please visit their sites and see what they are learning:

Dana: Dana McKnight  Dana McKnight                                         Keisha: Keisha Johnson  Keisha Johnson

Steve: Steven Mendoza  Steven Mendoza                                      Jake: Jonathan Goldstein  Jonathan Goldstein

 Lisa: Lisa Lim  Lisa Lim

Comments on their weblogs would be greatly appreciated.

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Spring Semester Kick-off Party

Party1t: Party2t:

Wade, Dana, Keisha, and Eliza 

Keisha, Dana, and Eliza making tacos 

The first week of the semester ended with a party at Barbara's house, which happens to be part of an ancient Buddhist temple - but that's another story.  The party was vegetarian friendly and everyone feasted on tofu tacos and spinach ravioli with cheese sauce (courtesy of the local Costco, which is not all that local, being one hour away by car).  It was a welcome change to watch English videos like segments of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, while sprawled on couches and stuffing our faces.   It was also a great opportunity for the students to hang out in a non academic atmosphere with the faculty and staff.   A good time was had by all.

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