Ah, who cares who I am, you can find out later. What I want to know is who are you? I started this web journal to share my travels, triumphs and trepidations with family, friends and anyone interested in learning along with me. It has a unique format allowing readers to sign in and respond to posts. I know people are shy and some loathe writing but I hope that if you have an opinion, a question, or even an insight about anything you see or read you will share it with me. I am only one person and as such have limitations. However if people add their perspectives to mine it will create a multi-dimensional more engaging website.

Okay, now I will tell you about me: my name is Miriam and I, um, sort of took over this website. Originally I was suppose to share it with Jonathon, Andy, and Mikey but they never posted so I became a the sole caregiver. They haven't complained yet.

Ever hungry for knowledge, I am currently working my way through Friends World Program  I have spent considerable amounts of time in Costa Rica, Mexico and India, visited Nicaragua, France and England. I grew up in Tennessee but was not born there and only have a southern accent if I choose or am out numbered by southies (accents are quite addictive). I live in Ohio but consider Minnesota my home. Go figure. There are also a few other states that I have more than passed through but no need to brag about that. I am not a drifter. Honest! 

I hope to graduate this year at the ripe old age of 26 and am scared silly of what I am going to do afterwards. Hopefully I will be able to find a decent enough job to pay off these burgeoning loans and with my spare time volunteer for KFAI, a community radio station, and start freelancing for the local papers. Oh yeah, I am an aspiring journalist.

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