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Hello, My name is Jonathan Lloyd Goldstein

Who am I?

As of September 10th, 2003, I am a 23 year old, upper middle class, undergraduate, Brooklynite, attending school at Friends World Program, which is a branch of Long Island University. I live in Kyoto near Kingkakuji, the golden temple. I chose Japan because it is so cool! I am so happy living in Japan. I think there is so much interesting history and culture here to study.

Updated: 4/10/04

I like all kinds of music from classical, ballad, rock, opera, hip-hop, Drum and Bass, Hard core, Heavy metal, Enka, Soul, Electro, Dance hall, Reggae, noise, everything. I like to hang out, take long walks, and go window-shopping. I also like going to temples and museums. I often take long bike rides around Kyoto. Some times I draw pictures from my imagination. I love meeting new people. I enjoy drinking and learning about Nihon-shu, which I am studying for a school project. I enjoy watching many different kinds of movies. At night I like to go to nice restaurants and eating good food, although I also like cooking food. When I have time, I like to take trips to different places in Japan. I like weight lifting, which helps me to stay healthy. I miss New York's Galleries and Live concerts at reasonable prices. Live music as well as all other forms of multimedia is in my opinion too expensive in Japan.

I love saké. For all you out there that don't know what saké is, it is a traditional form of Japanese alcohol that is brewed from rice. I formally dedicate this site to learning about, drinking, and possibly making saké. In the future, I will be posting everything related to saké including pictures from brewery tours, saké tasting notes, video, transcripts from lectures, and fun facts that I learn about that wonderful beverage, saké.

My interest in saké dates back to freshman year when I took my first trip to Decibel, a local sake bar near my previous school in Manhattan. Up until then I had been a wine drinker, but on this occasion I wanted to try something different. I soon discovered that, for me, the subtle nuances of saké are more easily discernable than wine. After the first masu (wooden cup traditionally used for measuring rice, now used to drink saké) of the evening I knew I was hooked. Ever since then I have been an avid sake drinker. It has been only recently that I have doubled my efforts in learning about sake because my school offers credit for researching aspects of Japanese culture, and why not study what you love!?!

If you want to get the lowdown on Decible and you are in the New York area, click here!

What elce is on this website?

I started a creative writing class in which there is a big emphasis on peer review. I thought to my self, were better to get peer review then on the web! Thus, I am posting all of the stories I write that I do not feel are either too personal or too incriminating on the web. Please feel free to read them and make constructive criticisms.

It that all?

Oh yeah, I will also be posting small reflective reaserch papers called
Area Studies, which are papers that consist of two elements, one part experience and one part research. Area studies address any topic that I learn about during my stay in Japan which I find interesting. I will be adding my papers once finished to my blog in the hopes of getting constructive criticism. Please add comments as you feel fit.

Updated: 4/10/04

New Department: Jibunsagashi

This is a department dedicated to my quest to find true self. This may sound a little cheese, it does to me, but I feel that I need to write my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to preserve my self as I am now for later reference. Hopefully I will get a few comments from my pears. Note: this can at times get very personal, so you might not want to read it, although it will be here aslong as I am.

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