This weblog originates from my undergraduate studies at the Friends World Program, East Asian Center. I used this forum to post my academic papers as well as to document personal experiences with living in a foreign culture. I found that the blog forced me to post only what was truly meaningful to me, and through this I became aware of what academic work was really genuine, and what work I just did just because I had to.

I have now transfered to the University of Minnesota, near my hometown. Though I am no longer a student with the Friends World Program, I enjoyed the blogging experience so much that I continue to post my academic work and thoughts from Minnesota.

I am in the process of completing a B.A. in linguistics, though every discipline concerning language is fascinating to me, and so most of my posts are about language and linguistics. I welcome comments and lively discussion both on and off this weblog. Feel free to email me at: winc0031@umn.edu

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